Put simply, the mission of Independent Pest Control Sydney is to control pests, no ifs, ands, or bugs.  We pride ourselves on using the latest techniques for inspection and on deploying the latest products and treatments to eliminate pests and prevent their re-introduction.

We are versed in Australian standards and certifications and where possible we employ Australian products in remediation.  Our staff receive the highest level of training we can make available and are accomplished in all aspects of their position.

Independent Pest Control Sydney was founded in 1987 by William Dusk who drew on his experience in the agriculture industry to launch a successful pest control business. Upon his retirement from active participation in the family business in 2002 Mr. Dusk was succeeded by his son Walter Dusk who managed the company up until his untimely death in 2006. His younger brother Stanley then picked up the reins and continues to manage and operate the company to the standards set by his father and brother.

When you choose IPCS you can be confident that we will control your pests.

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