Farewell To Cockroaches — Controlling Cockroaches the Least Toxic Way

Nobody likes a cockroach … except another cockroach, and another and another. That’s the trouble: our houses and apartments have everything cockroaches need to survive and multiply quickly. Cockroaches are so good at breeding that if one pregnant female gets into your home, she could be the cause of 100,000 new cockroaches within a year under ideal conditions!

Anybody, no matter how neat and clean they keep their home, can have cockroaches. The reason is simple. It’ s very easy for our homes to meet the basic needs of cockroaches for food, water, warmth and dark hiding places to live and breed in.

You should not feel ashamed about getting cockroaches in your home. They can arrive in a grocery bag or a case of beverages you just brought home from the store. Or they may enter your apartment from the one next door to you, since apartment buildings have lots of “highways” for cockroaches to travel on. For example, they may crawl along heating ducts or water pipes. And they can fit into tiny cracks and gaps in floors, walls and doorways.

You can get cockroaches so easily … but getting rid of them can seem so hard. Let IPCS help you solve this problem.

Use of Pesticides

The Roach Coach project is designed to minimize the use of pesticide sprays indoors through the promotion of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). The project was developed in 1998 due to growing scientific and public concern regarding the use of pesticide sprays in the indoor environment, and because cockroach infestations result in the greatest use of pesticides in homes and apartment buildings. IPM combines all available pest control methods rather than relying only on pesticide spraying.